NFT/Crypto Stamps

Bhutan Post released its first NFT (Non-Fungible Token) stamps on 20th September 2022 on 12 Deeds of Buddha which was released in 2014. Bhutan Post aims to tokenize the entire historic philatelic stamp collection to NFTs, as well as to release new NFT stamps in the years to come. Bhutan Post wants to fully utilize all the benefits of the blockchain and NFT technology and expand the boundaries of traditional stamp collecting experience with entertaining and real life benefits for all Bhutan NFT stamps collectors.

NFT stamps are available for sale at

About Stampsdaq

Stampsdaq is an EU-based NFT company founded in 2021 and exclusively dedicated to cooperating with designated postal operators worldwide. Its recently launched platform for NFT Stamps is designed to bridge the interests of postal operators and the global community of collectors. Stampsdaq provides a One-Stop-Shop solution with no investment required from a postal operator side. The company promotes and implements “Collect with Benefits” vision of creating an extra utility value and real-world experiences for NFT Stamps owners to drive the interest to NFT Stamps collecting and to stamp collecting in general. Stampsdaq currently holds several license agreements with different designated postal operators and is in active negotiations with over 60 postal operators worldwide. It is also an associate member of the Consultative Committee and World Association for Development of Philately (WADP) of the Universal Postal Union.