Mail Service

Letter Post:
Both personal and business posting items and documents up to 2kgs can be sent as letters. They may be sealed for no proof of their content is required.

Printed Papers – Include Printed Papers/ Periodicals/ Book Posts, Kuensel & Newspaper, printed documents, photos or copies. The weight limit of the items is 2kgs.

Small Packets – Small packages weighing up to 2kgs can be sent at lower rates as compared to normal parcels

Aerogramme – The most appropriate way to convey messages to the person residing in different parts of the world. You won’t need a stamp or an envelope while using Aerogramme.

Postcards – The cheapest means to convey messages. It’s an open delivery so not suitable for important personal messages

Parcel Post:
The weight limitations of the item vary according to the destination. Level of the parcels for international delivery will be available in the office counter.
Insured Parcel – The content of the parcel should be insured. It will be safe to send valuable items as it will be already insured with benefits or special security handling and compensation covering loss or damage incurred during postal operation. The service is not available in all offices. Necessary procedures can be done at the Post counter.

Forms to be filled – When sending parcel or EMS items out of Bhutan, the following forms need to be filled. The forms are available at the customer care counter, Thimphu GPO.

Cutoms declaration forms : CN22 & CN23 (Sample Attached)

Parcels Manifest : CP72 (Sample Attached)

P.O Boxes:
If you have difficulties in memorizing your address and would like to collect your mail any time you desire, P.O Boxes are the best solution and these posts are transported through the event transportation. You can rent a Post Box at the post office and clear your box whenever you feel like and as many times as possible.

Post Pack Boxes Rates:

1Big Size45.00
2Medium Size35.00
3Small Medium Size20.00
4Small Size10.00
5Post Pack for EMS30.00