Logistic Service

Bhutan Post currently provides logistics service and is one of its focus areas. It mainly serves institutional customers such as BCSEA, Bank of Bhutan etc., with which it has signed agreements. It also provides services to walk in customers.

The service is provided with a fleet of trucks, Mahindra Bolero pickups and a Toyota Hilux. The scale of the business activity is low, while on the other hand the need for logistics service both for trade and commerce is growing in the country. During this cycle, the business will be given a boost and scaled up substantially.

The scale up will be done in two ways by increasing the number of institutional customers with whom agreements will be signed, and by developing and implementing a mobile app system using which the general public will be able to book vehicles for their transportation needs. Bhutan Post will invest and maintain a vehicle fleet just enough to serve the customers who have already given us the business.


  • To Improve and expand domestic logistics services
  • To facilitate trade by providing easy import and easy export