Auction Notice

Bhutan Postal Corporation Ltd. Thimphu, would like to announce the open auction of the following vehicles through a public auction at Bhutan Post, Headquarter, Thimphu, on June 3, 2024. The Bidders are requested to inspect the vehicles prior to the auctions.

Sl.NoVehicle TypeVehicle No.Model No.LocationRemarks
1Hiace Bus (H1)BG-1A-19602011HQ, ThimphuOff Road
2Swift CarBG-1A-19652008HQ, ThimphuRunning Condition

Terms and conditions

  1. All the bidders shall pay Nu. 500.00 (Nu. Five Hundred) only as an entrance fee, which shall be non-refundable.
  • Each bidder will deposit an earnest money of Nu. 5,000.00 (Ngultrum Five Thousand) only, in cash with the financial representative of Bhutan Post latest by 10:30AM the day of auction to qualify the auction. 
  • On the receipt of the earnest money the token card will be issued to qualified bidders. A bidder without a token shall not be allowed to bid and inspection of lots shall not be entertained on the auction day. 
  • The earnest money of the bidder will be retained until the auction is completed as security for subsequent bids to be offered by them in respect of the remaining items. On completion of the auction, the earnest money of the highest bidder will be adjusted against the auction value of items won by them. The earnest money of unsuccessful bidders will be refunded immediately after completion of the auction.
  • The winning bidder(s) whose bids are accepted, shall deposit a spot payment of 25% in the form of cash of the auctioned value. 
  • The balance of 75% needs to be deposited within 10 (Ten) working days from the day of the auction before 4 PM in the form of cash or demand draft in favor of the Head, AHRD, Administration & HR Division, Bhutan Post. 
  • Failure to pay within specified days, the accepted bid shall be cancelled and the deposit of 25% of auction value shall be forfeited and the same item(s) shall be offered to the next second highest bidders.
  • The winning bidder(s) for a different lot/vehicle whose bid is accepted by the auction committee shall lift the vehicles at his/her own cost within 10(Ten) working days from the date of the auction upon full payment. The failure to lift shall imposed 0.1% per day to the maximum of 10%
  • The winning bidders shall transfer the ownership of a vehicle shall be completed within 15(Fifteen) days from the date of issue of the ownership certificate.
  1. The winning bidder(s) shall be levied a 1% transfer tax for vehicles sold through auction. The transfer tax shall be paid to the Bhutan Construction and Transport Authority (BCTA) at the time to proceed with ownership transfer in addition to other taxes levied by BCTA. A copy of the owner transfer certificate shall be duly shared with the auction yard, Bhutan Post.
  2. The auction committee reserves the right to accept the bid on the spot or at any subsequent date. In case of any dispute or problem arising with regard to the auction, the decision of the committee shall be final and binding without assigning any reason whatsoever. 
  3. The Bhutan Post shall assume that interested parties bidding for items have inspected the lots prior to the auction and that the bid offered is at their own liberty and judgment. No complaint shall be entertained at a later date.
  4. Registered number plates of the BG vehicles sold through public auction shall be removed upon lifting/delivery by the winning bidder(s). The Bhutan Post shall also be responsible for any items that have been paid for, but not lifted within one month, from the date of the auction.

If further clarification is needed, please contact Procurement Section during working hours @ 02-322281